West Beach Road, Rock Stack, Whidbey Island

Homes of all shapes and sizes with spectacular waterfront views line West Beach Road. Quaint beach homes closely nestled together are found on the northern stretch of the waterfront drive. Larger homes separated by trees offering a bit more seclusion is located on the higher bluff.

"I love the beach life, the smell of the salty air, the convenience of taking out the paddleboards whenever I want to, and the sunsets!" ~Mark

West Beach Road, Neighborhood, Whidbey Island, Washington

West Beach Road along the western shore of Whidbey Island near Oak Harbor provides a blend of beachfront homes along with properties sitting atop a bluff. Owners of waterfront and bluff homes will enjoy the ocean-like views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca as well as views of Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Mountains. The low-lying area of the north part of West Beach Road experiences high tides and serf that can cause waves to crash over one-story homes that can break windows and soak everything in salt water. High winds can cause blowing sands that can accumulate in attics and soffits of homes.

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Several prominent farms, Lavender Wind Farm and Bells Farm are thriving near the West Beach Road neighborhood. Two state parks, Fort Ebey in the south and Joseph Whidbey in the north, bookend West Beach Road. In addition, Gallery Golf Course, Oak Harbor, the Whidbey Golf Club, and the Navy base are near the neighborhood.


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  • Dugulla Heights is the perfect setting for Bird Watching

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